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CA Court Interpreter Certification Process

certification court exam interpreter Jul 09, 2019

     As promised, here is some information on the CA state court certification process:

The following is the link to "Become an Interpreterfrom

Become an Interpreter

     In order to become a court certified interpreter, one must pass a state interpreter certification examination: this one is comprised of a written exam and a bilingual interpreting exam in the state of CA.

     We train our students on how to pass the written exam with the State Court Interpreter Written Exam Preparation. This course is offered as an on-demand course, i.e., it is available at any time as an online pre-recorded class.

Click on this link to register:

 State Court Interpreter Written Exam Preparation

     Once ready, the way you schedule the written exam is by creating a user account in and calling 1-866-241-3118. Participants can schedule this exam at any time during the year.

    If the plan is to get certified this year, It is a good idea to start preparing for the bilingual interpreting exam as soon as possible since this one is the most challenging of them. Remember the bilingual interpreting exam is only available two times a year, once during spring and once during fall. This upcoming one will be the last one this year.

     We will be holding our last State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Preparation training of the year for the bilingual interpreting exam on August 10th at the following venue:

• 4674 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario, CA 91764

Click on this link to register for the State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Preparation (on-site workshop):

State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Preparation

     If you would like to register for this class, but cannot attend it in person. We also offer a pre-recorded version of this course.

Click on this link to register for the on-demand course:

State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Preparation - OnDemand

     Once you pass the written exam, call Prometric's phone line to schedule an appointment for the oral portion of the examination. This link provides some information on the dates for the bilingual interpreting exam:

• Bilingual Interpreting Exam Dates

     You will find more information on the cost of the exams by visiting the Current Exam Fees section of the CA Language Access Program website. Make sure to scroll down and click on the + sign right in front of the section.

     If you have any questions, please contact us at (951) 444 5591. Thank you for choosing TransInterpreting.