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TX Court Interpreter Certification Process

     While looking into how to become a licensed interpreter in Texas, the webpages piled up one after another. The process is simple though, and initial licensure could be summarized in five steps:
  1. Orientation Course
  2. Application & Registration Forms
  3. Background check
  4. Written Exam
  5. Oral Exam
     The Orientation Course is a six-hour induction into general concepts of interpreting: court policies, professional ethics, and modes of interpretation may be some subjects of study. The following link is the List of Approved Orientation Courses provided by the Texas Judicial Branch website:
     After obtaining a certificate of completion from one of these programs, the following step is to submit it together with an application to become a Licensed Court Interpreter (LCI).  All this is done through the Judicial Branch Certification Commission’s Certification,...
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CA Court Interpreter Certification Process

     As promised, here is some information on the CA state court certification process:

The following is the link to "Become an Interpreterfrom

Become an Interpreter

     In order to become a court certified interpreter, one must pass a state interpreter certification examination: this one is comprised of a written exam and a bilingual interpreting exam in the state of CA.

     We train our students on how to pass the written exam with the State Court Interpreter Written Exam Preparation. This course is offered as an on-demand course, i.e., it is available at any time as an online pre-recorded class.

Click on this link to register:

• State Court Interpreter Written Exam Preparation

     Once ready, the way you schedule the written exam is by creating a user account in and calling 1-866-241-3118. Participants can schedule this exam at any time during the year.


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National Medical & Healthcare Interpreter Certifications

We are glad to have you here with us! TransInterpreting provides preparation courses and continuing education to interpreters all over the world. Our goal is to see you succeed in the journey to become an excellent interpreter. Please read the following blog thoroughly in order to gain some information regarding certification options & processes.

The following information may have changed since February 25th of 2019, but It still provides an important general overview of the US national medical & healthcare interpreter examinations; refer to the national interpreter certification programs’ websites (NBCMI & CCHI), the primary sources, for the most up to date information.

As previously mentioned, there are two professional accreditation bodies that are accepted nationwide: the National Board of Certified Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) and the Commission for Certified Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). Both certify interpreters who have...

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