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Human Trafficking Case Work

3hrs | Live Webinar | Neutral

89 USD

July 20, 2024 2:00 PM PST

Accredited by CEAP, IMIA and State Court Language Access Programs.

By Ricardo Avil├ęs


Domestic Violence

2hrs | Live Webinar | Neutral

69 USD

Julio 21, 2024 2:00 PM PST

Accredited by ATA, CEAP, IMIA, OHA and State Court Language Access Programs.

By Richard Avil├ęs


Expert Witness Series: Forensic Entomologist

3hrs | Live Webinar | Neutral

89 USD

August 3, 2024 12:00 PM PST

Accredited by ATA, CEAP, and State Court Language Access Programs.

By Kaylen Hanks

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Student Comments





"I’m now a certified Court Interpreter but really I owe a lot to you. I took your preparation seminar just before the exam, I sat in the front row..."


Emma Casillas
Certified Court Interpreter





"I wanted to let you know that I got my results yesterday and I FINALLY PASSED! I can’t believe it! I wanted to thank you because it was your course..."


Liliana Perdomo
Certified Court Interpreter





"I had been trying since 2011 to pass my oral exam with no success. I failed 7 times. 7 times. Here I am in 2019 and after my 8th try, I finally did it... Thank you!"


Ivan Roque
Certified Court Interpreter





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