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Emma Casillas

"I just wanted to email you to let you know I passed my state exam!! I’m now a certified Court Interpreter ️but really I owe a lot to you. I took your preparation seminar just before the exam, I sat in the front row. This is my second time taking the test and I feel confident had I taken your course sooner maybe I would’ve passed the first time. Either way, thank you! Thank you!! I’ve taken other webinars of yours and they are great. Thank you for the great material and help!!!"

CA | 2018

Iván Roque

"I had been trying since 2011 to pass my oral exam with no success. I failed 7 times. 7 times. Here I am in 2019 and after my 8th try, I finally did it. I passed it and am now a court certified interpreter. What was the difference this time around? I had Mr. Hidalgo's help. He truly, truly gave me the tools that I needed to go from "almost passing" to "passing with flying colors". My only regret was not having his help years ago. This is the best course to take! Thank you!"

CA | 2019

Vanessa Bonilla

"Hello Mr. Hidalgo! I want to take the time to say THANK YOU for the seminars and materials that you offered in Los Angeles. I passed my test on the second try all thanks to you! Thanks for being such an amazing instructor! Your material was EXTREMELY helpful! Once again thank you for the time and effort invested in our classes to help us pass! I couldn't if done it without you and your materials/techniques!!!!!"

CA | 2017

Liliana Perdomo

"I wanted to let you know that I got my results yesterday and I FINALLY PASSED! I can’t believe it! I wanted to thank you because it was your course that helped me the most to pass this exam."

CA | 2019

Patricia Sprock

"This class was outstanding! I learned so much! I would like a part 2.... the only problem was the sound...sometimes I couldn't hear and I have never had that problem in any of the classes. When that happened, I had to replay the video several times to try to catch what I missed. Mil gracias!!!"

CO | 2020

Cármen Marroquín

"I enjoyed this presentation as the instructor’s comments were very on point regarding what has happened in society. I also believe that society has turned their back on God and the “religious fiber” that held our communities together is not there. Thank you for a good presentation. Thank you Ted!"

US | 2020

Advanced Consecutive Techniques

Eduardo Pedraza

"Edgar, The lessons were very good. I learned many techniques. Thanks. "

June | 2020

Elda M Brizuela

"This webinar was brilliant! Edgar is a great engaging instructor with passion and knowledge. The techniques and practices provided were very useful indeed. I can't wait to get certified, and work in a courtroom with expertise and confidence! "

August | 2020

Anila Mayhew

"Well done! I took Ms. Valencia's course a while back and already have her book. Trying to learn all her note-taking techniques was somewhat overwhelming and so the book has been on my bookshelf since I took the course. But your all-encompassing approach to consecutive interpreting has inspired me to improve my memory and note-taking techniques even though I have been interpreting for many years now. Time to devote some time on that book and your suggestions from this webinar."

June | 2020


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