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Translation Trends You Can Expect in 2020

Jun 02, 2020

The translation industry is currently booming and is expected to grow beyond measure in the year 2020. The world of translation and interpretation has been positively impacted by the advent of technology.

Beyond machine learning, machine translation, and machine automation, the world gears for other trends and predictions that can be expected out of the year 2020. Translators and interpreters looking
to explore and capture the global market need to realize the importance of being well informed about these trends so that they can take action accordingly.

In this article, we explore some of the trends you can expect in the translation industry in 2020, along with a guide on how you should prepare for them when the time comes.

Content on the Couch

The last decade saw a massive boom in the on-demand entertainment market. This boom will eventually lead to a more widespread need for audiovisual localized content.

The translation and interpretation of audiovisual content in multiple languages also requires a change in the mindset from LSPs working on this change. LSPs, also known as language service providers, need to learn new techniques while equipping themselves with the latest technology expected in the market.

Process Automation

The translation industry has seen a massive surge in market capitalization during the last decade. The industry has almost doubled from the $23.5 billion it was marked at in 2009 to $46.5 billion where it stands today.

The increase in market capitalization has also come with an increase in the number of language service providers available in the market. The number of language service providers has risen in accordance with the total market capitalization of the industry. LSPs need to become more productive and efficient and should equip themselves with the automated needs of the industry. Failure to do so would render them incapable of standing tall against other competitors in the market.

Actionable Reporting

The interest in this regard is not new. Many senior executives related to the industry have discussed this topic before, along with the repercussions and the opportunities that it carries. The need for such actionable reporting and analytics is felt, but a question looms over who will take center stage to begin this conversation. 

Both translation buyers and software companies require better reporting, which is why we can expect some major trends in this regard.

MT’s Influence on Translators

The use of machine translation is currently a major talking point in the translation industry. MT can become a disadvantage for the translator community with translators and interpreters having to look toward more refined and newer versions of their job. 2020 will clear the air over how translators adapt to contemporary roles and how they arrange for fair pay.