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Federal Written Exam Preparation Phase I

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This mastery starts with a firm grasp of grammar, advanced terminology, reading comprehension, and other linguistic skills. This webinar will train interpreters to identify these skills, become proficient in the most important, and apply them in their written examination.

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Angel M.

“A very informative and great presentation of the material. Thank you!”

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Eleonora I.

“Very good material, good pace, covers many practical aspects, and the best instructor!!!”

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Maria G.

“Clear presentation great and useful materials thank you very much”

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Meet Your Instructor

Édgar Hidalgo García is the director and lead instructor of the online interpreting school, TransInterpreting. He was also the academic coordinator of Cal State Fullerton’s Legal Interpretation Program and a former instructor at UC Riverside’s Court Interpreter Training Program. Edgar spent half of his life in South America, where he finished high school and attended college. He completed his Bachelor’s in Translation & Interpretation Studies at California State University, Long Beach and his Master’s in Spanish at California State University, Fullerton.

He initially became a Certified California State Medical Interpreter and worked several years as a staff interpreter both at Long Beach Memorial Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Orange County and in the private sector, as a freelance medical interpreter. Later, after becoming certified by the Judicial Council of California as a Court Interpreter, he became employed for the County of San Bernardino where he worked as a staff interpreter for 9 years and as a freelancer for 6 additional years. Mr. Hidalgo is an active member of interpreter organizations such as the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) and the American Translators Association (ATA).

He currently trains novice and seasoned interpreters to pass the State and National Certifications both in the legal and medical fields. He also provides continuing education for certified interpreters and translators in all languages.

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A New Way of Learning

Our instructor will give a roadmap of what to expect in the exam, help you anticipate exam content, show you what the raters are looking for, and teach you how to overcome the biggest causes of exam failure.

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Practical Mock Exams

This course includes two (2) mock exams designed to help you prepare for the core components of the exam: 

  • Advanced Terminology
  • Ethics Training
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Court Procedures

Continuing Education


18 Units of continuing education 
approved by State Language Access Programs for court interpreters certified in the following states: 

CO(16), FL(4), MD, NE, OR, TN.


... Units of continuing education
approved by CEAP for CCHI certified interpreters.

... Units of continuing education approved by IMIA for NBCMI certified interpreters.


Continuing education approved by the ATA is available with live classes.
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