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Jack of All Trades, Master of Some | Self-Paced Course | Language Neutral | Single Payment

This course will build on the interpreter's previous consecutive interpreting experience while enhancing and fine-tuning their skills and techniques.

Additional to this non-instructor-led webinar, students will get 3-month access to:

  • Online study materials

  • Digital certificate of completion

What People Are Saying:

I was very satisfied with the course and would recommend to any interpreter who needs CEUs. It covers terms from several subjects (firearms, or the difference between a pistol and a "pistola"; blunt and sharp weapons, drugs, auto parts, fingerprints). We were provided great handouts. The instructor was very good. Last but not least, the price was reasonable.

JoHanna G.

Excellent presentation. Covered a wide range of topics and excellent glossaries.

John F.

Excellent session. Lasted 7 hours but time went by quickly because it was so interesting and relevant. I recommend this session, and this teacher for anyone wanting to grow in interpreting skills and in need of CEU’s.

Bob R.

A great webinar! The speaker was very thorough, organized and prepared. There was so much to cover in such little time, but the information was discussed and provided for interpreters to use and review even after the webinar. Look forward to another in the near future. Thank you so much.

Patricia T.

Excellent information usable right away. Good handouts. Worth the cost.

Philip E.

I enjoyed the course; very interesting information and user-friendly

Rosa G.

Well-organized presentation of a volume of information. Edgar Hidalgo made clear his willingness to assist.

Sarah P.

This is the first time I have an opportunity to attend Edgar Hidalgo's workshops. From Monday thru Friday, I am an early riser and I normally run around for 12 hours a day between my job as a staff interpreter at a hospital and personal commitments, therefore Saturdays and Sundays there is no human power that will wake me up before 10 a.m.!!!! I was dreading giving up "my sleep" on a Sunday. All I can say, it was worth sacrificing a bit to learn and refresh a LOT! Edgar's webinar was very informative, enlightening, easy to follow, objective in each of the terminology categories he presented. Also, he was very pleasant and engaging with all attendees. I am appreciative of his time and mostly for his disposition to share his savvy mind in the industry and for the glossaries he included in the course. Great course all around !!

Alcira S.

So far so good, I am still working on it. Very easy to understand and appreciate that a large amount of information is provided in an easy-to-understand format. I recommend this product, thank you, I will be taking more webinars in the future.

Susan R.