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Federal Oral Exam Preparation | English & Spanish Online Course

Our training will help you

  • Identify how the test is developed and rated.

  • Focus on the materials that are relevant for the test.

  • Overcome some of the most common obstacles encountered (high register texts, expert witness testimonies, etc.)

Registration to this online course provides to six-month access to recorded lectures and digital materials.

What People Are Saying:

This webinar was excellent. Full of very useful information and tips that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. It'd have taken me much longer to become acquainted with all these tips and advice, instead I was able to do so from the comfort of my own home. I feel I gained not only valuable information, but also, I saved a lot of time. Mr Hidalgo is very knowledgeable and engaging, so all the time studying didn't feel long at all. Now it's time to study! I'll update you on my oral exam! Fingers crossed!!!!

Alicia L.

Édgar is simply the best! Es un prócer de la interpretación.

Hiram C.

I am very pleased with the course. There have been many pointers that should prove priceless at the time of taking the Federal Oral Exam. The webinar is well organized and the instructor is very organized in providing the students with study materials for each section of the exam. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to get an edge before the exam.

Alfredo B.

I enjoyed your online class very much! Thank you for providing us with all this wealth of information along with glossaries for review!!! It was enjoyable and very interesting!!!

Virginia T.

Great team !!! Excellent material !!!

Patricia Hernandez

Absolutely AMAZING instructors! Though I have taken courses for the Federal Oral Exam before, to be perfectly honest, I have been left incredibly frustrated. It appears as if some instructors simply assume we already know what is to be expected during the test, some of us do not, and teach without allowing much input from the participants. What we participants consider to be important questions and the like to be better able to grasp what is being taught should be taken into account. Yes, they do provide all the so-called necessary materials and often say so and refer us to those. But taking the time to talk with the participant, that is much more valuable than simply telling us what to do and to go and read it later. I stopped taking courses out of sheer frustration and disappointment. Failing more than once, twice, or… is so disheartening. And so is paying such high fees for course after course without attaining to the desired result. When, at the very beginning of this course, Edgar said something to the effect that it often boils down to simply did not having the right instruction, that startled me and definitely caught my attention. That is EXACTLY what I had been thinking. I can honestly say that these instructors are excellent teachers. They grasp our need to comprehend without making us feel inadequate or inept. My sense of can-do has increased immensely and my husband has already taken notice of my increased confidence after hearing me practice. As of now, I know I not only have all the right tools, I have been taught the correct way to use them, which is of vital importance, as one can have all the best tools and still not be able to use them for lack of clear and proper training. Though this course is not over yet, the banter, encouraging words and honest feedback will no doubt play a role in how we participants will go into this next test. Some may feel that sort of feedback is not for professionals that already know what they are doing but I beg to differ. That is exactly what we all need to dare to try yet again and grow as professionals. Not all of us are gifted with nerves of steel and an excellent memory that dispels any and all doubt during a test. I wish I had something better than a thanks for Edgar and Antonio. I can say it is from the depths of my heart that I say a very heartfelt Thank You.


I thought the information and the practice materials were excellent. I had trouble with the lecture, however, because the video only shows the instructors slides and not the instructor himself. There were several points where the instructor was pointing or motioning that were lost on the recorded video version. Thanks!

Katerina B.