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The Interpreter’s Guide through CPR | Self-Paced | Spanish | Single Payment

No matter how we deliver our services, interpreters are summoned to bridge the language, knowledge, and cultural barriers that exist between LEPs, providers, and, at times, the LEPs family. At times, in the course of our work, we are faced with the dire situation of interpreting while CPR is being administered or when the topic of life-sustaining medical treatment is being had. Few interpreters are required to have CPR training despite working in the hospital setting and practically zero independent contractors have ever taken a CPR class. Court interpreters find themselves interpreting in medical malpractice suits where the rescue effort is scrutinized. This class intends to eliminate any gaps in practical knowledge on the subject of CPR, its algorithms (adult, child, and infant), protocols, medications, and the
events that follow.

Additional to this non-instructor-led webinar, students will get three-month access to:

  • Self-paced online course

  • Online study materials

  • Digital certificate of completion