State Written Exam Prep

(Language Neutral)

The workshop objective is to familiarize students with tricks and pitfalls of the written portion of the court exam, improve test taking techniques, increase student’s SAT/GRE terminology, expand student’s knowledge of idiomatic expressions, learn and master key legal concepts and terminology in criminal law, and clearly understand the complexity of state court procedures. ​


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As a candidate, you must have knowledge of the areas central to the work of a court interpreter at the level of a minimally qualified court interpreter. These are:

  1. A high degree of proficiency in the English language. The written examination tests the candidate’s level of English vocabulary at an SAT/GRE level and assesses, through a vast array of idioms, the cultural richness of the language.
  2. Familiarity with the terminology and procedures of the court system. For this, the written examination also measures recognition of common court-related situations and vocabulary, especially in the area of criminal courts.
  3. A general understanding of standards guiding the performance of duties, which include knowledge of ethical behavior and professional conduct.

This workshop prepares students to understand, prepare, and pass these three areas of the court interpreter test.

   4 Hour Presentation 

    2 Mock Exams ($38 value)

    Idioms List

    Other self-study materials

The course has a one time registration fee of $129.

NOTICE: After three months, the course electronic resources will expire; an extended access request will be needed to get the course back into your user account library. Have any questions? Call (951) 444 5591, text (951) 422 9845, or e-mail

Edgar Hidalgo, MA 
California Certified Court Interpreter
California Certified Medical Interpreter
Instructor UC Riverside Legal Interpreting Program
Instructor CalState Fullerton Legal Interpreting Program




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