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State Court Interpreter Written Exam Prep

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This online workshop will help you get a step closer to becoming a certified state court interpreter by preparing you to successfully pass the Written Component of the State Court Interpreter Exam! Sign up now to review test format, experience mock exams, test key strategies, and learn new terminology.

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State Oral Exam + State Written Exam Prep Bundle  $299: These two courses are the perfect combination to prepare for the state court interpreter certification exams.

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Certified Court & Medical Interpreter • Former Instructor for the UCR & CSUF Legal Interpreting Programs.



Taking place online. Access from the comfort of your home using a phone, tablet, or pc.



Live Webinar goes live Saturday, August 8 from 10AM to 12PM PDT

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Live Session

Our instructor will give a roadmap of what to expect in the exam, help you anticipate exam content.


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Pre Recorded

To save valuable time during our live session, we have conveniently pre-recorded most of our basic lessons:

  • Advanced Terminology
  • Ethics Training
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Court Procedures


Mock Exams

Your progress and success depend heavily on how much you practice. Our learning Manage System has two mock exams stored and available at any time for you to check your progress.

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Study Materials

Glossaries with unlimited downloads are ready for you at any time. We will make sure all the lecture slides are available too, so you do not have to worry about taking notes.

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Mobile APP

Finding time to study shouldn't be complicated, since learning is possible anywhere. That's why we've made available a simple and practical APP that will give you easy access to all your videos, audios, and downloads.


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TI Community

With our TransInterpreting Forum, the answer to any question you have throughout your course is only one post away. We're here for you!



"I have used Mr Edgar Hidalgo’s didactic Materials in order for me to pass my oral exam. I highly recommend his courses."

Virgina O.
CA 12/2017

"This is the real deal. Mr. Hidalgo's oral exam preparation was listed on the email sent by the state courts.  I was really impressed with the students' reviews and I was so lucky that Edgar Hidalgo came to Florida last May for a live course.  This course is the key to passing the exam.  I practiced ALL his audios over and over as well as the glossary. Unfortunately, I had a head injury shortly before my scheduled testing date and all I could do for those remaining weeks was just to listen and listen as I could not force my brain to interpret according to my doctor's instructions.My study group, however, have been studying for a while mainly with other materials available, but when we all took this course it was like day and night...

... This material is more targeted to the exam than any other courses out there with no doubt.  If you learn the vocabulary and practice all the audios and sights, your chances of passing the exam will significantly increase.  I decided to take my test anyways even with a concussion. I recently received my exam results.  I passed it on my first attempt thanks to Mr. Hidalgo's course. I recommend this course to anybody who is interested in becoming certified.  It's not just the course, but also Mr. Hidalgo's attitude what makes the difference.  He is always willing to help the students and provides all the material available even from past webinars to make sure the students are not missing anything.  Gracias Edgar Hidalgo!!!"

Carolina Thomas
FL, 10/2019

"I recommend Mr. Edgar Hidalgo’s/Trainsinterpreting Training Course to anyone who wishes to increase their possibilities in passing the California Court Bilingual Interpreting Exam.  The practices and materials Mr. Hidalgo provided were clear and became a key part of my studies.  For me, this was highly effective.  Hence, I passed on my second attempt with high marks. Had I taken this course before, I might have passed on my first try.  Thank you Mr. Hidalgo for helping me reach this goal."

Adriana O. Martinez 
CA 7/2019

"I just wanted to email you to let you know I passed my state exam!! I’m now a certified Court Interpreter, but really I owe a lot to you. I took your preparation seminar just before the exam, I sat in the front row. This is my second time taking the test and I feel confident had I taken your course sooner maybe I would’ve passed the first time. Either way, thank you! Thank you!!

I’ve taken other webinars of yours and they are great. Thank you for the great material and help!!!" 

Emma Casillas
CA 12/2018

“Interpreting is in itself a universe of perennial learning that makes preparing for an exam overwhelming and confusing. What to study? Where to start?  Edgar Hidalgo has the vision, talent and experience to  summarize the essential and simplify the preparation to take the Oral and the Written Court Interpreter Certification State Exams. I took his two  “Transinterpreting” courses and I am proud to have passed both State Exams in my first try last September! (2017) I just got my results! Thank You, Edgar, for assisting me to take my professional career to a different level!” 

Chara Gavaldon Vela
CA 12/2017

Hello Edgar, I wanted to thank you again for the classes on Preparation for the Certification Test. I passed on my first try. I know I couldn't have done it without your class. You gave many tips that came in handy for the test. I know that I really needed them. You were kind and positive since the first time I contacted you and you really gave me the push and inspiration I needed to step out of my comfort zone and take the test! I remember how you said it really costs us a lot of money NOT to pass the test. I agree! Your class is worth the investment many times over!! I highly recommend it!"

Keila Rodriguez
CA 6/2018

​“Hello Edgar: I’m writing to let you know that I have finally passed the March 2019 Oral Exam!! For me it’s truly been a journey. It’s so difficult to have a chance at passing an exam of this caliber without first having some great guidance. The material that you provide does give us interpreters that fighting chance and that extra push that is needed to make it over the finish line! I would highly recommend that any individual looking to get their court certification, first come and see you because I know that you will help in changing their lives just like you’ve changed mine. Thank you so much!”

Miguel C.
CA 3/2019

"If you are looking for the right course to prepare you for the oral court interpreter exam, take the one offered by Transinterpreting. Transinterpreting offers materials that will improve your interpreting skills in every area. I am very grateful for a friend who recommended this course and will recommend it to anyone. Edgar is a wonderful teacher, was always willing to answer my questions and his course was key for me passing the exam.'

Liliana Perdomo
CA 7/2019

"Edgar: I write to share with you that I passed the September 2017 Court Interpreter Exam having successfully incorporated your materials, together with my Team Based Approach. Consequently, my primary practice partner passed the Exam together with me! I am happy to be part of a growing Team of those who have helped each other to gain our certification with your materials, support and encouragement. Cheers!"

Tony Valle
CA 9/2017

"I had been trying since 2011 to pass my oral exam with no success. I failed 7 times. 7 times. Here I am in 2019 and after my 8th try, I finally did it. I passed it and am now a court certified interpreter. What was the difference this time around? I had Mr. Hidalgo's help. He truly, truly gave me the tools that I needed to go from "almost passing" to "passing with flying colors". My only regret was not having his help years ago. This is the best course to take! Thank you!"

Ivan Roque
CA 4/2019

"Mr. Hidalgo is a great instructor! He helped me to sharpen my skills and to identify areas of need that had prevented me from passing the Oral Examination in the past. I was finally able to jump the hurdle! Thanks Mr. Hidalgo!"

Gladys Mazariego
CA 7/2019

"I passed the state exam! I accredit my passing of the exam in part to the Edgar Hidalgo’s two day course, it gave the push I needed. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your support and assistance to me during my preparation."

Ana Esquivel
CA 12/2017

"The oral live workshops offered by Edgar are extremely helpful, they were the key to helping me pass the state exam. Edgar is such a great instructor! I am glad I made the decision to attend his workshop. Thank you! Thanks again Edgar you are truly appreciated!" 

Vanessa Bonilla
CA 12/2017

"Mr. Hidalgo's seminar provided me with the most relevant format and practice material there is in the industry to ace the test. I also met my study buddy, Vanessa, at the in-person seminar. We were able to encourage and sharpen one another. We both passed! I am eternally grateful to Mr. Hidalgo."

Maria J. Alvarez Caceros
CA 12/2017

"I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about passing this test. Professor Hidalgo takes the time to explain how the exam is structured and how it is graded; but more important, the studying materials he provides are just what you need to practice, and pass! "

Claudia Maraboto
CA 12/2017

"Transinterpreting provided the tools I needed to pass the exam.  The material is great, I felt confident and prepared during the test. Thank you TransInterpreting for helping me reach my goal and changing my life!"

Maria del Pilar Alvarado
CA 12/2017

This workshop was the extra push I needed to pass my oral exam. Mr. Hidalgo is very professional and he gives you the material that you need to feel confident and prepared to pass it. BEST investment I’ve ever made!”

CA 12/2017

"I’d like to give some feedback on the legal interpreter course. It provided the insight on how to successfully pass the consortium test, which had been a daunting task to this point to be honest; but the tools were provided in this course to eventually pass!!"

Ramon Mercado
CA 01/2020

Edgar, I passed my State certification exam on the first try thanks to your classes and practice methods! Your sharp glossaries of slang, along with your test-taking  strategies made all the difference on exam day. I can’t thank you enough!

Dwayne P.
Washington D.C. 9/2019

"I'm extremely happy to tell you that I finally passed the State Exam this past September. I just got my results yesterday! ;) I wanted to thank you for your help and for working extensively for the benefit of others. Your workshop helped us (my group and I) tremendously so we will be recommending it to every one who has not taken it. I will also make sure that I attend other workshops you offer."

Alexandra Quijano
CA 12/2017

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