Meditation Practices For Interpreters

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Interpreters are constantly facing stressful situations that can affect their performance and cause them to lose focus. Improve your interpreter skills with this 3hr meditation session designed for interpreters and translators.

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Continuing Education


3 Units of continuing education 
approved by State Language Access Programs for court interpreters certified in the following states: 



... Units of continuing education
approved by CEAP for CCHI certified interpreters.

... Units of continuing education approved by DSHS (WA) for certified medical interpreters 

... Units of continuing education approved by IMIA for NBCMI certified interpreters.


Continuing education
approved by the ATA is available with live classes.
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What We'll Learn

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Prepare the court/medical interpreter mentally for trials, hearings, and other highly stressful scenarios that require sharp mental agility and concentration

Help the judicial/healthcare interpreter recover from the mental drainage simultaneous interpreting causes (during team interpreting) and, through breathing exercises, prepare them to endure long simultaneous interpreting sessions.


Boost concentration (for the consecutive sessions) during grueling medical interviews, witness examinations, and cross-examinations in a trial where interpreters encounter extremely longs utterances that require better-than-average memory and intense focus

Learn Breathing, Concentration, & Meditation Theory, Breathing Exercises for Mental Recovery and Meditation Practice: before and after interpretation session.


Learn about the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective processes.

Work on listening, understanding, and segmentation.

Improve short-term memory, long term memory, progressive expansion of recall, and visualization.

Simply notes and make non-contextual information easier to remember.

Use new note-taking tips and review Rozan's principles.

Study the rules of note taking: abbreviation, links, negation, emphasis, verticality, stacking, and shifting.

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