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The Language of Medicine

Become a certified medical Interpreter. Learn about the most common terminology medical interpreters encounter in the field. Fill out the form below, and get access to this FREE online training right now.

My Instructor

Gustavo Negrete is certified through the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters and has been for almost seven years and is also a Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert. Mr. Negrete is currently an Interpreter/Translator at Riverside University Health System (RUHS), the Coordinator and Lead Instructor for TransInterpreting’s Healthcare Interpreter Program. He has 17 years of clinical experience in both the pre-hospital setting as an EMT and in hospital as a Patient Care Technician Level II. He worked closely with ER Physicians and Cardiologists in both capacities and would remain as the interpreter during the consenting and explanation of all procedures, risks, and benefits.


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