Federal Oral Exam Prep

(English & Spanish)

We understand that most of the candidates preparing for the Federal Court Oral Interpreter Exam already have experience interpreting and/or have had extensive interpreter training. Our training will help you: identify how the test is developed, focus on the materials that are relevant for the test, and overcome some of the most common obstacles encountered (high register texts, expert witness testimonies, and more).


Feature #1: Flexible Class Schedule

Feature #2: Exam Prep Webcast

Feature #3: Resources & Downloads

     LIVE  2 Hour Introduction to the Federal Court Interpreter Exam

    2 Hour Federal Sight Translation Theory

    2 Hour English to Spanish Sights

    2 Hour Spanish to English Sights Webcast

    2 Hour Sight Translation Practices | English to Spanish

    2 Hour Sight Translation Practices | Spanish to English

    2 Hour Introduction to Federal Simultaneous

    2 Hour Simultaneous Monologue Practices

    LIVE  2 Hour Introduction to Federal Consecutives

    2 Hour Consecutive Practices

    LIVE  4 Expert Witness Testimony, Terminology, & Practices

The online course has a one time registration fee of $289.

NOTICE: After three months, the class digital resources will expire; an extended access request will be needed to get the course back into your user account library. Have any questions? Call (951) 444 5591, text (951) 422 9845, or e-mail info@transinterpreting.com.

Edgar Hidalgo, MA 
California Certified Court Interpreter
California Certified Medical Interpreter
Instructor UC Riverside Legal Interpreting Program
Instructor CalState Fullerton Legal Interpreting Program

Antonio Pelayo López
CA State Certified Court Interpreter
U.S. Federally Certified Court Interpreter
Former Instructor - Southern CA School of Interpretation




The instructor will use the following information to e-mail you the class outline right away.